NAte Walkingshaw

t: @nwalkingshaw  Instagram:@nwalkinghaw

Nate Walkingshaw has been responsible for inventing several hardware and software products. Widely known for his fire and emergency medical patient transport devices. Nathan had his first company purchased in late 2009 by Stryker Medical (SYK). Nathan then went on to invent several software companies one of which was purchased by Strava™ corporation in late 2013.

As of late Nathan has invented several new methodologies based around the process of product development. Nate has taken a rare and challenging roll at O.C.Tanner corporation by inventing Tanner Labs to help implement new methods for developing products lean and fast inside and 88-year old company. He latest venture there is www.welbe.com and www.gratzi.com

Lastly, Nate invented a tool used in association with developing products through his teachings www.schticky.io An app that teach's product development leaders how to conduct a series of rapid, repeatable qualitative data assessment used in conjunction with interview users.